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Become Net Zero

Please Email us if you would like a complementary carbon footprint assessment for your sugarbush.

Impact of Climate Change on Maple Syrup

This PDF presentation was produced by the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association Committee on Climate Change. 

13 pages in English or en français.

Introduction to Carbon Neutral Maple Syrup

This PDF presentation provides an introductory overview of net-zero maple syrup production. 

18 pages in English or en français.


Guide to Becoming a Net-Zero Maple Syrup Producer

This PDF guide describes how to achieve net-zero GHG emissions. It covers how to establish your carbon budget, calculate Scope 1-2-3 emissions, strategies for mitigating them, and how to determine when you are net-zero. 

15 pages in English or 30 pages en français.


Maple Syrup Carbon Footprint Evaluation

We employ a variety of tools to assist in carbon footprint calculations.  For example, we can enter your sugarbush inventory and it will calculate the amount of CO2 it sequesters.  We can also add up your fuel consumption and convert it to CO2 emissions, perform a risk-analysis of your Scope 3 emissions, calculate your Scope 1 & 2 emissions, as well as calculating your Scope 3 emissions from packaging and transportation.  Please e-mail us to book an hour for a free consultation that will determine your carbon footprint.


L'évaporateur au bois

This PDF document, written by Vincent Poisson in 2014, explains in depth how to maximize the efficiency of a wood-fired evaporator. It also covers installation, operation, and maintenance of the evaporator. It is available in French only.  


29 pages in French only / en français seulement.


Website: Les

This website ( provides an extensive French-language forum for discussion on all aspects of maple syrup production, including improvements on the methods proposed by Mr. Poisson in item 4 above, as well as a carbon-neutral section in the forum that is moderated by Paul Renaud. 


The overall website is moderated by Goudrelle, a wood combustion expert who is also a maple syrup producer in Val-des-Monts, Quebec.  Goudrelle has immense experience in retrofitting efficiency improvements into wood-fired evaporators and is very generous in sharing it.


Youtube Channel: Goudrelle

This you tube channel has nearly 250 French-language videos produced by Mr. Goudrelle that illustrate how to improve the performance of various wood-fired evaporators, both old and new.


How To Calculate Tree Carbon

This PDF published by the University of New Mexico details one of the methods used in our toolkit for calculating the amount of CO2 sequestered in a tree per year.  We also use allometric biomass calculations when evaluating tree carbon at the sugarbush level.

4 Pages in English Only / Disponible en anglaise seulement


Impact of Climate Change on Maple Syrup Production

These two PDFs published in the scientific literature by researchers at the Quebec Ministry of Forests explore how climate change affects both the timing of the maple syrup season and the variability in sap yield.

14 & 18 Pages, both in English / Disponible en anglaise seulement


Heating Value of Wood

This PDF ("By the Cord") produced by the Ontario Woodlot Association identifies how to calculate the size of wood and provides the BTU values for Ontario tree species.

2 Pages in English / Disponible en anglaise seulement


Website: The Greenhouse Gas Protocol

This PDF by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Resources Institute presents the internationally accepted protocol for calculating and reporting GHG emissions.  It describes in detail the different scopes of emission and how they are to be accounted for.  There is also an addendum PDF dedicated to calculating Scope 3 emissions. A companion spreadsheet is also available on their site if you need to look up emission factors for other types of fuel not covered in our toolkit.

Both can be downloaded from Telecharger ici.

The PDF is 116 Pages in English and the spreadsheet is less than 200 KB

/ Disponible en anglaise seulement


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