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Spirit In The Forest

is deeply committed to sustainability and living in harmony with Nature. 

We responsibly harvest sweetwater every year on our 100 acre property  to make pure maple syrup using traditional methods enhanced by best-practices in maple syrup science. 

We have reduced CO2 emissions from our wood-fired evaporator to become the world's first  net-zero GHG maple syrup producer.  We are happy to collaborate with, and encourage other maple syrup producers to also become net-zero.  See our Net-Zero page for resources on how to achieve this.

Our forest is registered as an Ontario Managed Forest and we are members of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association & the Ontario Woodlot Association.


This way you know that every drop is in harmony with nature.

Net-Zero Products from our Forest

We care for our land, and our land gives back.  Our single-forest Maple Syrup picks up on all the nutrients and beauty of its terroir.  Just as in a fine wine, the land gives flavour, subtleties, character to every drop of sweetwater that we collect, which we then reduce into pure maple syrup.  We invite you to taste-test our syrup against the bulk store brands, you will be amazed by the difference in flavour!


Light sweet taste, light enough that 75% or more of light will shine through it.


Rich maple flavour, only 50 - 75% of light will shine through it.


Strong maple flavour, less than 50% of light will shine through it.

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So What is the "Spirit" In The Forest?

The indigenous cultures of Canada teach us that every living thing in the forest has a Manitou (spirit / esprit) that should be respected so that we can live in harmony within the ecosystem that supports us. 


Accordingly, we respect the land with all the creatures & other living things in it -- including the winged ones, the swimmers, creepy-crawlies, and especially the trees!

It’s as simple as that. 


Spirit In The Forest

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